Phytoxygene Treatment Phytoxygene Treatment

Oxygenating Detox Treatment

An exclusive Treatment method that detoxifies and oxygenates the skin using the power of nature.
A real “breath of fresh air”, this Treatment allows the skin to freely breathe again, leaving it perfectly clear and radiantly beautiful.

After the 50-minute Treatment:
- The complexion looks fresh and pure.
- The skin’s texture is smooth and refined.
- The face glows with radiant beauty.

- Phyto Exfoliating
Formulated with natural exfoliating particles, Phyto Exfoliating scrub mechanically removes dead surface cells to refine the skin’s texture and allow it to breathe freely.

- Pro-Oxygen Mask
Pro-Oxygen helps deliver oxygen to cells by stimulating cellular respiration. Thanks to natural green clay, the Pro-Oxygen Mask purifies skin by trapping pollutant particles and absorbing toxins on the skin’s surface.

- Serenity Massage
The Serenity Massage eliminates stress and restores comfort to skin. The expert techniques used by the Beauty Therapist stimulate the toxin elimination process and promote lymphatic drainage, while hydrogelified Essential Oils diffuse their skincare properties into the heart of the skin to regenerate, soothe, purify and tone.

Skin Type :

Dry skin, Dull skin

Duration :

50 minutes

Treatment type :

Salon Face Care Treatments

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